The Possibility of Improved Medical Marijuana Laws in West Virginia

West Virginia Cannabis laws

West Virginia’s legislative session has commenced for 2020. Already, several bills that are related to cannabis have been introduced. These include bills to: improve the medical cannabis law, decriminalize possession of cannabis, and there have been bills that propose the legalization, taxation, and regulation of cannabis for adult use.

It seems unlikely that a bill proposing the legalization of cannabis use will be seriously considered in 2020. But there appears to be a much better chance that legislators are in favor of the improvement of the medical cannabis program. West Virginians have been waiting for a very extended time period in order to have safe, legal access to medical cannabis. It’s rather encouraging to see that bipartisan leaders in the Senate — Majority Leader Tom Takubo (R-Charleston) and Senator Ron Stollings (D-Madison) — have proposed SB 752. If passed, this is bill that would allow patients to grow their own cannabis until a regular supply can be provided through dispensaries.

What else might SB 752 do?

SB 752 would grant patients and caregivers access to “compassion certificates”. These certificates would temporarily allow them to have up to 12 mature plants and 12 seedlings per patient. SB 752 would also make other much needed improvements. These improvements include: allowing the sale of cannabis flower at dispensaries, and the bill would permit regulators to enter into reciprocity agreements with states outside of themselves.

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