Vermonters Show Support For Regulated and Legal Cannabis Sales Poll Shows

Vermonters favor marijuana legalization poll shows

February 18th, 2020- The House of Representatives prepares to vote on S. 54, and a recent poll of Vermont residents shows a majority in favor.

Public Policy Polling conducted a poll that found that a majority of Vermont residents (76%) are fine with allowing those 21 and over to purchase cannabis from small, tax-paying businesses. These results are significant. They come only a few days before the Vermont House is expected to vote on S. 54. This is a bill that would make cannabis sales in the state legal. S. 54 will also regulate and tax cannabis sales in the state.

The poll was conducted on February 14-15. It surveyed 890 participants from many regions in Vermont. The results show that legalizing and regulating cannabis sales is wanted across all demographic groups. These demographics include Republicans (58%) and residents 65 and older (69%). Residents that have a high education are in favor with a whopping 84%. Only a small percentage of Vermonters (19%) remain against the legalization and regulation of cannabis sales.

The poll also noted Vermonters’ strong support for multiple of the state’s existing laws regarding cannabis. Eighty-seven percent are in favor for continuing to allow medical cannabis. Seventy-eight percent support continuing to allow possession by adults, and seventy-six percent support the continued allowance of home cultivation.

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