Marijuana Brands are Paying for Shelf Space: State of the Market

cannabusinesses paying a preimum for shelfspace

According to Marijuana Business Daily, marijuana companies are paying a premium just to land premium shelfspace at marijuana dispensaries. Paying anywhere from $500- $15,000 a month. Just to access the premium shelf space at the front of stores in hopes of landing sales, and some brand recognition.

The Effects of Pay-to-Play in the Cannabis Industry

As a result of this pay to play mentality is causing industry experts to figure this hefty fee into their business model.

We knew years before marijuana was legalized, that it would be a hot sell. But to have predicted this step up front cost would have been a stretch of the imagination.

Businesses looking to prove their products worth have a steep cost to pay. At least if they want to eventually get in with the industry leaders.

Business Specialized in Marijuana Merchandising

As with any competitive market businesses are springing up to help smaller companies get an edge on the market.

Companies like Planet 13 charge a whopping $10-15,000 a month to help businesses get new brands in front of the consumers that want them!

From pop-up markets to in-store promotion and social media marketing. You better bet. That there are companies looking to make a buck helping budding cannabusinesses make their name in the market!

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