2020 Ballot Initiatives – Marijuana Law

Last updated: February 25th, 2020

With 33 states already passing regulations to legalize medical marijuana use. 2020 may be a year where several more states pass similar legislation.

2020 Marijuana Ballot Campaigns By State

Ballot Initiatives in Arizona

Arizona is attempting another attempt at legalizing marijuana in the state with a 2020 initiative. In order for the bill to pass it must receive 237,645 voter signatures by the cut off date July 2, 2020 to qualify for ballot placement in November. 

Ballot Initiatives in Arkansas

Activists are working to pass legalization initiatives in the state by collecting signatures.

Ballot Initiatives in Idaho

Last year the Idaho Cannabis Coalition received approval to collect signatures for a 2020 medical marijuana petition. Still Idaho currently hosts some of the harshest regulations against marijuana.

Ballot Initiatives in Mississippi

After gathering well over the required number of signatures, Mississippians for Compassionate Care have had a successful movement which will allow for a vote this November. If this ballot passes it would legalize medical marijuana for qualified individuals.

Ballot Initiatives in Missouri

Medical marijuana was passed in Missouri in 2018. This year there may be a ballot initiative to legalize use for all adults.

Ballot Initiatives in Montana

In January, two ballot initiatives were filled by the New Approach Montana campaign. One of the bills would be a constitutional amendment needing 50,000 signatures to make the ballot box. This bill would allow law makers to establish a legal age. The second ballot initiative would establish a system to tax marijuana and legalize it for all adults. 

Ballot Initiatives in Nebraska

Currently the group Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana is launching a campaign to collect signatures for a constitutional amendment. If it should make the ballot box this November and pass the bill would legalize medical marijuana in the state.

Ballot Initiatives in New Jersey

Latter this year New Jersey will vote on marijuana legalization. This is due to a legislative referral which will allow the residents of NJ to vote on the matted for themselves.

Ballot Initiatives in North Dakota

Legalize North Dakota is pushing a 2020 ballot initiative which was denied the year before. Approved in December of 2019, the ballot may make the box this November if it receives enough support.

Ballot Initiatives in Oklahoma

Marijuana advocates are working to put a law up for vote in the ballot later this year. This initiative would regulate and tax marijuana in a similar way to how alcohol is currently taxed.

Ballot Initiatives in Oregon

In 2014, Oregon voters approved legislation to legalize marijuana for adults. However this year they are pushing for a ballot initiative which would allow on-site licenses. This would allow businesses to host “marijuana bars” or lounges.

Ballot Initiatives in South Dakota

New Approach South Dakota and SD’s for Better Marijuana Laws worked together to qualify two marijuana policy initiatives. One of these initiatives would establish a medical marijuana program. The other would create regulation for marijuana use by all adults 21 years of age or older.


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